Saturday, July 30, 2011

2011 so far...

our life here in france, in pictures, for the first half of 2011

of course, we had snow...

... and daniel tought himself how to cross country ski

our niece mathilde was baptized

we had a family snow day 
my mom claude, my sister marine,  my stepdad jean paul, our brother in law françois and our niece mathilde

we went on day trips
aix les bains

Daniel made a good friend (Dylan, our neighbor)...

...and we took him everywhere with us

we went to vizille, we love its castle and beautiful park

1st sign of spring...the fair

of course we had to do the glass maze...
...and the ferris wheel (what is wrong with our kid!!!)

another day trip in Roman, seems chris has a double life i knew nothing about
yeah baby

spring time also means flea markets!! yay!!

in flea markets chris is constantly confronted with his worst nightmare...


..particularly those that close their eyes when laid down

every other year, spring also brings daniel's haircut for his gift to locks of love, it's always so hard for us.
chris and i love his long hair

Daniel went to sell his stuff (and some of ours!) at a neighboring village flea market. of course our tag along dylan was with him

daniel bought himself a bmx bike

daniel and dylan

we had an unusually warm and long springtime, there were flowers everywhere, so of course...i started shooting my favorites...



and of course, my all time favorite...dandelions

we saw animals too


rush hour

my brother in law yves took us in his row boat down the rhône river
chris and our brother in law yves

i rowed!!!

and we saw swans

charlotte turned 16!!!!

14th of july

juliette came and stayed with us for a couple of days

taco has a shoe fetish

weird oranges

i love these trees

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