Wednesday, May 30, 2012

1st walk

Chris and I went on our first walk on the ski slopes today. The big news of the day is that the farmers have put up the electric fence today, that means that our baby cows will be here real soon! I know, it doesn't seem like anything exciting for most of you, but for us it's one of our favorite times of the year.  yes! we are THAT boring!  Spring is everywhere (remember, we had snow just a couple of weeks ago), flowers are blooming, grass is growing, trees are getting leafy.... God! How I love it here!!! So here's a little of what makes us happy to be alive....

now this flower is only the size of a rain drop

Weathered tree stump

life always finds a way

underneath a mushroom

Monday, May 28, 2012

Flower field:


My niece Charlotte's 17th birthday:

Paulette the cat and Charlie the bunny making friends...sorta

Juliette made an awsome bday cake for her big sister
"smokes get in your eyes"

Juliette and Charlotte

YAY Cake time!
From the left: Georgette, mom to Jean Paul, father in law to Chris, son in law to my mom Claude, mother in law to my brother in law Yves, husband to my sister it? good!
 These two are like 2 peas in a pod

no comment


The birthday girl "gettin'down"

On the Charmant Som:

Fields of gold

So there you go. I am so glad to have my new camera back, i have so much to learn though!! I will need to be disciplined and take the time to learn!
Chris and I are doing great, Daniel has about a month of school left, we all can't wait for him to be done!
I have an appointment with a foot surgeon on June 27th, though I am nervous and really don't want to get back to the OR, I am in pain every day, with every step and am ready for it to be done. Donna gets here on July 23rd, so excited to have her here! Today is her 70th birthday! happy Birthday Grandmama!!!
I am still working at my friend's pizza restaurant and i still enjoy it.
So that's the latest, hope you're all well and happy :)