Thursday, August 4, 2011

close encounter of the moo kind

while you were sleeping...
 we introduced grandmama to our cows! I called them up and they came running up (yes, it's a "special" talent i have)
if i call them, they will come

they will all come!

up close and personal

maybe a little too personal

please don't eat my shirt


come my children!...

...come to me

ok, now get down

ok bye bye now

no! i mean it! i said bye bye!!!
chris and i do this all the time, it was fun to share this with grandmama. we love our cows!!!


chris said...

Bitchen cows. I dig our cows. We should give them names like Filet, Vaca Frita, Supersize, and Mystery Meat. Salisbury Steak. Yeah? Really awesome-o picture, Red-o-rific.

chris said...

Pictures. That elusive s.