Tuesday, August 16, 2011

until i can spend more time on my pictures

(fb people...i know you've seen most of these)

 eiffel tower (in case you didn't know)

 père lachaise cemetery


chris said...

The time we have had here. Honestly, I didnt think I was gonna dig it as much as I have. But, damn, i have had a fuckin terrific time. Daniel has been great, we have all gotten along, no stress, Johnny the goat, driving was even easy. This trip could not have gone better. And, Red, its because of you. You, my love, are a good monkey. Also, you have great boobs.

chris said...

And holy crap! the cemetery! Those statues!! Look, you take some great pictures, but even you don't do those statues justice. I have never seen anything like it. The emotion, I cannot imagine. I simply cannot. Incredible. People, go and see that cemetery. Also, tits.

Jessica said...

love you honey