Monday, February 6, 2012

colder than ever 2

So as most of you know from the news, the bitter cold isn't done with us yet. My car is still dead to the world, but we are waiting for a mechanic to come up and fix it...when he gets to it! All garages are overflowing with calls of frozen cars, dead batteries, etc...  So I'll just have to be patient...not my strong suit...Chris' either!

Yet, the cold makes for some killer scenery.  Everything here is so beautiful and white. Chris and I went on a picture field trip...

These are the mountains we see from our living room window (at sunrise):
grand som
charmant som et grand som
charmant som

We went to the museum of the grande chartreuse. It is no wonder that Saint Bruno chose this place for the monastary. It's peaceful, beautiful and medecine for the soul:

I love you so much
Ok, these next couple of pictures are pretty cool! they are wing prints from a bird taking off!

Chris laughing at me while i make a snow angel

the old monastary, now a museum

snow falling off the tree

just can't get the romantic teen out of my system

On the way home we stopped a few times for more pictures:

icicles on the wall of the mountain

this isn't flowing's all ice
curtain shaped ice stalactites
We also went in a cave and Chris found the weirdest ice formation I have ever seen! It's like ice growing up off the ground like plants!

bubbles in frozen water

There will be more ice and bubbles pictures soon, we'll have to go camera was out of batteries and I am not yet satisfied...

ttfn people, stay warm!!!

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