Sunday, April 15, 2012

1st shots with new camera...need to keep working!

We went to visit the Saint Laurent archaeological museum. Grenoble, one way or another, has been around since the second century. Our history is grand and rich. Lucky for us most museums are free! The site we went to yesterday has layers of bones, some have been there since the fourth century! 
Here is the Wiki page, you can translate it in English by right clicking...most of it makes sense ;-)

Here is what all we saw.
(remember, 1st shots with new camera, be kind in your judgement)

skeletons everywhere, even under our feet

on entry way built on top of an older one

tomb stones recycled to build walls (this dude died in the 5th century)

family tombstone

ceiling of the chapel

Saint Laurent was asked  by the Roman Emperor to bring The Church's riches. Saint Laurent came back to them with the poor, saying it was them who made The Church rich. In response they burnt him on a metal grill. it's a chilling painting to see up close

one of the 19 layers of bones

I liked seeing life next to this person's remains

incredible details

look at the wear on these steps, how many hundreds of the faithful have gone up and down these stairs

pretty excited to learn all about this camera, yet sill totally heart broken at the loss of my old one...

thanks for all you do to make me happy my love.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic shots - very impressed with the new cam. . . . and its operator. :)

chris said...

Anytime, Ginger. That was a fun time, badass museum. We are pretty damn fortunate.

Jessica Vincent said...

who left the 1st comment??