Wednesday, May 2, 2012

great grandpa Jim best of

four generations of McDonald. Daniel, Chris, Grandpa Jim and Great grandpa Jim

Hi Friends and Family,

It is great to be healthy and happy, alive and still enjoying life just one month from my 89th birthday.

I have been watching the new eight hour plus epic documentary
about WWII on our PBS TV station. As I was in my early to middle
twenties when WWII was going on, and I also served in the Navy at that
time. It really brings back to my memory what happened at that time. It
also mentions things that we were not allowed to hear about during that

Since last December, 17 friends and family members of mine have
died. That has to be some sad record. However, most of them were quite
elderly. I am glad I have been able to make a lot of younger friends
down here.............. I accept the fact that life is a short term
experience, and that our time on earth is limited. 

I was a good boy today and went to Church, which I do most of the
time..............I am still trying to find time to work on my Christmas cards. 
There is always something to use up my time around my home. (E-mail and
TV are two of my time wasters). I do like keeping in touch with you, and
I enjoy hearing from you occasionally too. I got to quit this and get on
my Christmas Cards.

An insignificant item to tell you, is that I have been able to
solve a pigeon problem. 

        If I wake up, and manage to get out of bed, it is a good day. ..................... would have a lot more time to get things done that I need to do, if I didn't have a couple of computers and a few TV's.  Recently I gave three TV's to the Salvation Army, so now I only have four TV's, two VCR's, a DVD player, Three boom boxes, ten radios, three police scanners, one shortwave radio, and two record players to distract me.  I didn't even mention the telephone.  These modern things do take a lot of everybody's time. 
 I am still volunteering for the Church by visiting people in nursing homes or house bound.  I like meeting people, and they seem to appreciate being visited.  I have known many of them for years, and many are younger than I am, but not in such good health.  I really have been fortunate.
        Bunny and I went to the Symphony program a couple of weeks ago, and I have been sitting with her in Church, and pick her up when we are invited over for a meal at my adopted familie's home.  I also have purchased tickets and have invited her to go with me to the Sierra Vista Chorus program on May 10th at Buena High School.
Today on Memorial Day , I visited The city cemetery and Zelma's
grave, and then went and visited the Veterans cemetery here to remember
those that have died. I was at one Memorial service put on by the
American Legion. Every now and then I run into a fellow veteran from
WWII, and we always have a few thing to remember from those years. All
the veterans of WWII alive now are above 80 years old, so we are a bunch
of old geezers. 75% of the 16 million that were in the US military are
now dead, and the rest of us are dying off like flies.


Bunny and I sat in Church today together, which is normal. 
However, after Church we went to a movie, and after the movie, we went
out to a late lunch/early dinner. talked a lot and had a great time. 

For some very lively entertainment, I want to highly recommend
the movie we went to. I very rarely praise and recommend movies to
others, but I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed this movie. I
believe it was released about a month ago, It is a lively,interesting,
chaotic, magical, musical. There was almost continuous singing and
dancing and the action just never stopped. We really enjoyed this movie.
Meryl Streep had a big part in it. 
(ummm...grandpa never gave the title of the movie he so highly recommended...until the next day's email. the movie was Mama Mia)


Thanks for your E-mails. I like hearing from you.

Family and Friends,

I am going every day to the Senior Center for my noon meals now,
and to Church on Sundays. I have tickets to two Christmas parties, and
have asked Bunny to go with me to the one for the Parks and Leisure and
city workers at one of the Hotels here. This party is to take place on
December 9th.

This evening, I went to Church for a Candlelight service to
celebrate the meaning of Christmas. It was a very nice service and we
had a big crowd. I didn't even know a lot of the people.

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2009 year.


I haven't had time for E-mail games, or to send E-mail this last
week. Jim, Jr. has been visiting me for a week, and we have had a great
time together, talking and doing a number of things together. I am also
behind in a lot of business and personal things to take care of. Just to
let you know why you haven't been receiving any E-mail from me.

I am still picking up leaves in my yard that I never got around
to. I am doing a couple of small cans full most days and I am gradually
getting them into the trash, not much more to do.

Well, I'm doing pretty good, but I get so fatigued so easily, and
I am tired of the hot days. Our temperature both yesterday and today 92
and 65. 

I do sleep well at night, that sure is a plus.

A black woman saw me looking around and offered to help me look for the
book. Afterwards she went off, but I looked for and found her and
thanked her very much for her help. At which point, she gave me a strong
hug, and kissed me on the cheek. Since then I have been thinking about
all the nice things that women have done for me over the years. My
Grandmothers, my Mother, my wives, my daughters, my Granddaughters, and
all my women friends have enriched my life so much. God bless you all.

In Church today I got hugs from eight
women, including our woman preacher the Rev Patricia Dickerson. I have
been real happy with her as our preacher. She is a retired Army
As usual, I sat with Bunny. The Church was packed full with people at the service. I didn't even know a
lot of them, and I have been going to this same Church for 37+ years. 

Happy New Year, I wish you a good 2010 year.

Jessica, Chris, and Daniel,

  Thanks, very good thoughts, and I have practiced a lot of them.  At 91, I still have a good life, and I get out enjoy people and activities.  Thanks for sending me E-mails, and keep telling me about your lives.  Jim, Jr. is coming down from Loveland, CO.  to visit me on January 14.  He will stay with me for four days. We will do some fun things.

I went overboard on lunch today. I went out to Denny's and had
two scrambled eggs, two sausages, two bacon strips, two pancakes, butter
and syrup. i am not counting my calories today. 

I have been retired for a long time, and I don't know how I ever found
time to go to work.

Familly and Friends,

Well, I'm Older than Dirt!!!!! 

I am missing my good friend, Bunny, she is being missed by a lot of people, as she had many friends.
 Ladies, girls, and family and friends,
        Before you read the second item below, which deals about some inconsequential items about dogs, I want you to know how much women have meant to me in my life.  My life was made so much more pleasant and wonderful by all the women I have enjoyed, in so many ways. Starting out with my grandmothers, my mother, my wives, and my lady friends, my daughters, grand daughters, and others.  Thank you all for being a BIG  wonderful part of my life...............So, thank you all for all you have done with me to make me feel this way. 
I am busy getting ready for my trip with Jim, Jr. up to Colorado.
   l am doing good, but am feeling my age.  If I walk very far my legs ache, and I get out of breath easy,
    However, I continue to have very good eyesight, and have no trouble driving my car and getting my groceries, going to resturants, going to Senior center each week day, and attending Church.on Sundays. I have been out in the yard picking up leaves and getting them out to the trash pickup.  
Take care of yourselves,
 Jim, Dad, Grandpa, and Great Grandpa Jim  
    __    __
     o     o
 {      O       }
this is just my little way of remembering Chris' grandfather, I have fond memories of the few times we got to see each other and always felt privileged that he always included me in his emails.
Though Chris and I are far, our hearts are with our loved ones in the States. We love you and miss you.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jessica; quite simply, the most touching thing I've seen. It is a beautiful sampling of the humanity of the man.