Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Well here it is, turkey day, my absolute favorite American holiday. I miss the cranberries, the gargantuan turkey, the pumpkin pie and all the food fest favorites. Most of all I miss the idea of getting together to be thankful. The world is not an easy place to be in for so many people in the world, some are fighting to live another day, some are praying for a day with no bombs, some are hoping they'll manage to keep it together a little while longer... Watching the TV news is just depressing and scary, I often wonder what kind of world we'll have in the future.
We have not been doing all that fantastic over here either. Though I love my job, I am having a really hard time staying there.  I work for someone who never questions himself, never compliments and only criticizes, thinks the worst of people and the best of himself, nothing is ever ever his fault, thinks he knows all and knows better than anybody else, believes being a boss means working less and barking out orders, etc... Basically a narcissistic ass! It had started out so well, it's just a real disappointment, and being disappointed in people I believed in is just about what I hate the most in life. I love the customer contact, and  according to the comments left on the website they seem to really appreciate me too. You know me, I can talk to anyone! Also I am having (yes, again!) surgery on Dec 13th, no biggie, just my toe. But it'll have me away from work for 2 months.  The idea is to also stay off my feet in hopes of getting rid of this really bad tendinitis I have in my heel. Of course, having a job that has you running and stomping around isn't ideal. Either way, there hasn't been a single day without pain since my accident, some days are better than others, but EVERY DAY involves pain and often anger at my physical state. Of course I have gotten myself in a nice vicious circle, I hurt so I don't exercise, so I get fat, so I get depressed, so I eat, so I get fat, so I hurt more. Fun fun fun!
Chris is looking for a job as well as looking into opening a burger truck. Not just your standard burger place, the real American burger that we only see on tv here in France! Good fries, onion rings, pulled pork bbq sandwiches, salads and desserts, etc...  We believe it'll be a hit, the hardest part will be getting the project going and financed! However staying at home, seeing me work and hurt, the stress of it all is not easy for him, and I have not been the most patient person either!
Daniel is going to be 15 soon...13 days! How did he grow up so fast!!??  I know it's a typical mom thing to say at every birthday, but 15? Really? He is taller than me, his voice has changed, he is loud, smelly, doesn't know what to do with his body, his legs are getting hairy, he has muscle definition in arms, and most of all he is ALL the obnoxious! I mean bad! He has a built in natural authority repellent too. Oh! and totally bi-polar! He has tried twice to intimidate me with his size, puffed chest and all, you can imagine how well that worked out for him...
But here's the thing, despite the stress, the tension, the pain, the fears and the daily crap I get handed at work, I am thankful. Blessed really! I have a great relationship with Chris, my relationship with Daniel will get better as soon as his hormones and brain chemistry get back on track, I have a tiny apartment in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, four, count'em, four awesome cats, good health care, great family (cousins and all too!), food on my plate and all jazz!  Really, some would dream of having my life. So on a day like today, it is good to remember that I have it pretty freaking good! (even if I don't have any fresh cranberries...just sayin')
To all of you friends and family, near and far, I love you and I am thankful for your presence in my life.  All of you have influenced me one way or another and each of you has forever touched my heart. Thank you for that.

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