Thursday, November 1, 2012

ok, so where are we at for this whole catching up session...?

Despite the pain I feel in my foot, I like to try and take walks with Chris. We may not go real far, but every minute is bliss. I mean look at how beautiful it is!!!

Chris and I still like to go to cemeteries, though after the death of one of my mom's cousin, I have had a hard time going back. These were taken before Pierre's death. In the spring, there are so many flowers.
is this not the most beautiful resting place ever??

great tombstone, mountain rocks and plants

with spring came our baby cows!!!

One day we went up to the top of the mountain to see these chamois. You can only go at sunrise if you want a chance to see them.

July 14th! We had great plans to go see all the city's fireworks from the fort, unfortunately we got rained on, I had to put away my (new) camera quickly

Summer time brings flea markets...and dolls!

In July we had a big bbq with all our neighbors and some friends. We were glad Donna was here for it...  It was also a good way to say goodbye to a couple of friends who left for a year long trip around the world.

The firefighters came to do some training next door. Donna was thrilled and found it really interesting, so I took some pictures for her. Not that I was complaining, some were pretty cute!!

of course you now know about Annie, she's got ALL the cute going on

Columbine (in the back) got very ill this summer, we almost lost her. It was just awful! after weeks of treatment, daily shots, lab work and a hefty vet bill she is all better. It was a close call and we were so relieved to see her get better.

We went to an outdoor classic car show in Aix Les Bains. I never get tired of this show, it's always so fun, we see lots of neat cars, talk to interesting people, etc....

So, we've lived here for 3 years and we FINALLY went to this church in a village nearby, we've known it had art in it, just never got around to going. We were not disappointed.

Did you know that there are crocuses in the fall too????  This is the village of Saint Hugues En Chartreuse, really nice village, I'd totally live there!

 Fall is here

It started snowing last week end (Oct 27/28), I'll post a couple of pictures later, we ended up getting a meter of snow! (that's over 3ft)

first snow

Just before the snow, I had a close encounter with a wasp. It was fascinating watching it for so long

YAY!!!! I do believe I am caught up!

As far as news from us go:
Donna was here this summer and unfortunately got really ill. We ended up staying home most of the time, she did manage to go to a couple of museums with Chris though, and luckily we live in such a beautiful place with lots of pure fresh helps.
Daniel started 9th grade (that is still middle school here). He is doing really well and seems to be more motivated than before...let's hope it lasts... 9th grade is an important year here, there are finals for a diploma at the end of the year. Here in France, kids are asked very early what they'll want to do for the rest of their life, I hate that. Daniel seems to be pretty motivated to be a steward. I think we might go for a professional high school so that when he gets his baccalauréat he'll also have had job training and easier access to being a steward. we'll see. Tastes change to the rhythm of a teen's hormones....
Chris is doing well, he is finally free from Harley and has done a lot to get through it all. he is now in the early process of developing his own business.
As for me, well I am getting foot surgery in December, on my toe to be exact. The idea is to also rest my ankle. The cartilage in my ankle is starting to chip away, I have osteoarthritis and of course being overweight AND having a job that keeps me on my feet don't help. Unfortunately there is little to do for now, I was told that I had to wait for my ankle to be in really bad shape before I can get some sort of surgery to "fix" it or for a prosthesis. Neat huh? ugh!!!
Yesterday Chris and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary. We've been through it all and yet our life together seems to be forever meant to  be.
Well here we are, all caught up! Glad that's done!!!!
All of you, family and friends, I miss you so very much and wish the miles didn't separate us so. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you.
Sending hugs your way...

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