Monday, September 12, 2011

notre dame

the main thing to do on donna's list was going to notre dame. she had had the opportunity to do so some fortysomething years ago, when she and jim lived in germany, however the magic was cut short by her baby boy ken decided to puke all over the front door. she was ever so nicely but firmly escorted out of the church. And so ended her visit to this magnificiant work of art. 

as we all know there are two things i really suck at: cutting even and straight pieces of pies/pizzas/cakes, and taking indoor pictures! so i am putting my not so great pictures mainly for those of you whom never had the priviledge to visit.

there we go!!!

breath taking!

chris, did i ever tell you about your brother throwing up here?

man that's impressive!!!!

in we go!!! (good to see they cleaned up ken's barf)

pictures don't come close to how beautiful and amazing the stained glass is

not a big fan of this one, it's eerie and creepy

grand! isn't it?

it was humbling...really

one last look as we leave


chris said...

It really was a breathtaking experience. The whole trip. Cultural, historical, architectural overload. I will never forget it. I will never forget you, whatever your name is. Did that giant church make my butt look big? They say, on hot days, you can still smell the faint aroma of Similac and milk.

Great pictures, Red. Don't sell yourself short (haHA). That was fun as anything I have ever done. The word for today is perna.

Jessica said...

i may be short, but I am MOBILE!