Friday, October 28, 2011

my commute to work

ok so this is what I get to see everyday on my way to and from work. Be careful, it's brutal!!!!
my favorite tree on the mountain

just to prove to you that I really am in my car...

the village back there is Quaix en Chartreuse

nipple mountain (that's what we call it)! I did not mess with the colors in these pictures!

we call this one dinosaur mountain

apple tree

it's really fun to drive this road

how can we get tired of this??? we don't!!

our village Sarcenas. population 165 souls.  We live 4km away...

I feel I need to say (again) I did not mess with the colors!

this is the other side of the mountain, thought I'd throw them in just for fun! Chris was driving...

Pic de l'oeillette
my new wallpaper
So there you have it! Now you can feel real sorry for us because this is what we get to see day in and day out...

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chris said...

Bitchen pics, again. My favorite part is know you are going down the hill at 80kph, steering with your knee on our windy-ass goat trail, taking goddamn pictures. Safety first! Sysimsh, indeed.