Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Charmant Som

Agrandir le plan

on the map up above, you can see Grenoble on the bottom. If you go straight up but slightly to the right you can see Sarcenas (our village), but if you stay on the D512 road and keep going up, you'll see a little squiggly line, that's our road! This road goes up the Charmant Som mountain, that is the road we live on. if you grab the little orange dude that's on the top left of the map, you can place him on that very road. You click to move forward and when you get to what looks like a parking lot, move the little dude to look to the left. There you see a hotel/restaurant. Actually, the hotel isn't there and is now an appartment building, in which we live. In fact, you see that red car?? that's me!! I swear! I am on google maps! COOL!!!!
Anyways, in the winter the road stops there, at the building! But in the summer it goes most of the way up the mountain. Up there is an old house where they make cheeses. All with the milk from the cows they keep up there. There is also a little "restaurant" where they make fondues, blueberry pies etc... There is no electricity up there, and very little cell service.
If you look on the map and turn your little dude towards the right, well the top of the mountain is hiding behind 2 pin trees, the lift wheel and a bunch of clouds. SOOOOOO all this to say that yesterday we hiked to the very top of that mountain. Really not much of a hike for most people, but for a fat girl all broken and badly put back together it was a feat!!!
Here are the pictures (as I said, it was a difficult hike for me, so I took lots of pictures...taking pictures=stopping)

see that spot??
yes, that spot! on the top of the clearing...that's our building!

there is a yellow spot in the rocks...Daniel
in the distance, the village of Saint Hugues

Chris enjoying the view
no comment

these two crack me up!!!
the snowy mountain back there is the Mont Blanc

Chamechaude in the background

can you find Waldo? Oops! I meant Daniel.

Chris looking over our stomping grounds
yes!!!! We've made it to the top!!!
Saint Pierre en Chartreuse and its ski slopes

this stuff is hard to hike on

top left, the Chartreuse monastery, bottom right, its museum
Monastère de la Grande Chartreuse

the Chartreuse monastery museum

Daniel's rock sculpture

this flower didn't notice summer was over...

going down the other side

a little fall color

Chamechaude, the mountain on the other side of our building

on the way home for a well deserved tea and cookies

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chris said...

Yerp. A badass afternoon. Three dopes, we have lived here for 3 years and never bothered to get our fat asses up there. Totally cool. isesses.