Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nyons (26)

A while back, Chris Daniel and I went down south a bit to help my cousin, on our way home we took the long way. Why? 2 reasons! To not pay the expensive highway fees, and mostly to see places we've never seen. It's always fun!! That time we went through Nyons in the DrĂ´me department (department=state).

We were supposed to stop just to take a quick look around but ended up staying for 3 or 4 hours. It is amazingly beautiful!

So first we helped my cousin move, we had to pack up his place and get it all in the truck! All under the watchful eye of the Lotus...

guys!!! He'd had this in there for months!!
Jean Baptiste lived in a village called Mazan, real cute!!! Wine country (note to self...go back there!!)

Yo quiero Taco Bell
neat door knockers...

On our way out of town we passed an olive grove...

Some of these olive trees are a hundreds of years old...

Old domaine house in ruins
How cool is that??? new trees growing out of an old stump
there were a bunch of these in the stump, this one was empty, I took it!!!
Chris is awesome!!! He drives and stops everytime I see a picture I want to shoot! thanks honey!
one of the many sycamore lined roads of the south of France

Here is Nyons, an old medieval village:

cool front gate and court yard...can I have it???

the whole village is up hill!!!

...kool and the gang

there is a gate so you can't go in the chapel, in order to keep it in the best possible conditions. I was able to stick my camera through the bars and take a few pics:

cool house...

...can't beat the view!

there were lots of kitties in this village...I LOVED IT!!!
1 bis
Can you imagine going up and down these streets with wooden shoes on a cold icy winter day??

Every where you look there are "surprises"

the view from the top of the village

not a passage way, but a street!!

love the little details 

Chris and Daniel holding hands

thank you for traveling with us...

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chris said...

Man. Good times, great pics. Lets go back there. I'll be in the car. That bridge is a medieval bridge, so i could've been crossed by King Arthur and the knights of the round table. With their coconut husks, and silly hats. You think that rabbit was French?
hymato. A virgin tomato.