Sunday, December 11, 2011

Early December fun

It's almost mid December already! I still have pictures from Paris and this fall to go through! It's hard to find time to get it all done.
Daniel turned 14 on the 5th. We had a family get together, there were 11 of us in our tiny place! But it was great, despite the rain we went for a walk. Our youngest niece Mathilde thought Chris was just the bomb! She flirted with him all afternoon, it was really really cute!!!
racing takes a lot of concentration

lip biters

yeah, well hours on the wii will give you that look!

Today Chris and I went to Grenoble to go hang out at the Christmas market. It's fun, lots of yummy food, lights, little shops set up all over, Santa, etc...  We treated ourselves to some hot wine and chartreuse hot chocolate. Daniel chose to stay home and went skiing...get this, our slopes aren't open, he skiis down and climbs back up, you should also know that we live on TOP of the slope! That kid's nuts! Well Chris and I had a fantastic time hanging out at the xmas market, we also saw that there was a big flea market, bonus!!!
We people watched, petted a tiny shar pei puppy, watched young kids have temper tentrums, smelled roasting chestnuts, cotton candy, tartiflette, etc..

roasted chestnuts

camera thief

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chris said...

Twas a buncha fun. My hot wine was more gooder than your green hot chocolate. A bitchen good day. wascrec.