Monday, December 19, 2011

consider yourself caught up!

So here are a few pictures to get you caught up, I still have tons to go through but you'll just have to be happy with this! New year's resolution...try to stay on top of this blog!!!

Brought to you from our living room window:
our evening skies blow us away each and every time

even at night our skies are gorgeous!

first big snow, more to come...we just got 2 feet and it's still snowing!

Our hike along the Guiers Mort:
Daniel on one of our hikes down by the Guiers Mort, the river by our place

big ol'strand of moss

Chris taking great pictures with his cell phone.

look at the size of these rocks that look like they were just scattered in a nonchalant manner. Imagin the niose it must've made?

more beautiful fungus

Down in town:
waiting for Daniel at chool, I spotted this rainbow, the weird part is that is was flat against the sky above my head

Jardin des Dauphins, Grenoble:
Chris walking towards the light

funky furry lemons on a tree with killer thorns

huge tree in the Jardin des Dauphins

jardin des plantes

on the Seine

great sculpture, it looked so real!

loved this flower

Notre Dame from the boat 

Sainte Chapelle

Chris has been making candied jalapeƱos:

Ok, so there you are all caught up with our life here in France. We've been getting lots of snow for the past few days and we love it! pictures to come...of course!

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chris said...

Paris was cool, babe. Great pics.