Saturday, December 31, 2011


2012 is around the corner, less than 12 hours. It will start as crazily as 2011 is ending. It's a funny thing really, we are about to be more broke than ever, my computer needs fixing right away, Chris' car broke down, I have been pretty sick and though my voice is coming back, my energy isn't back at all and I don't feel much better, Chris is on medical leave which means finances are about to go from bad to worst,  my weight is at an all time high, Daniel is going through a rough teenage period, oh and on a way too personal periods just started (really??? did it have to be today??)...and since we're talking about it (is this the point where you want to stop reading but just can't?) as my 40s hit so did major cramping and pms...I've never had pms before! It's really been something I've always been thankful for (and it made me better than everybody else!!), but now I'm just Miss Basketcase! Mad, sad, frustrated, impatient and all that other wonderful crap! All this to say that you can imagine what a frustrating issue this is for the former Miss I'm-in-control-of-it-all-not-even-pms-can-get-a-hold-of-me-I'm-so-above-it-all!
Ok, where was I....? Oh yeah! ending 2011. So yeah, it's not ending on the best of conditions, which inevitably means, 2012 is going to have a rough start! Wow! Are you ready to shoot yourself yet? Can I get more depressing? (remember...pms!)  So why even bother blogging all this you ask? Well here's the weird thing...I am feeling pretty positive about our lives.  Chris and I are doing great as a couple,  doing that whole grown up working together thing, being somewhat rational and reasonable! No no no, don't worry, we still behave like two immature teenagers, throw insults at eachother, laugh at people, laugh even more at ourselves,etc...  Trying to get Daniel through his teens while we're still working on ours just makes for a happy screwy mess of a family. We live in this incredible environment, I'm sure you're sick of hearing about it, but damn we love it here! It's a haven, when all else fails and life just grabs you where it hurts, we look outside and just breathe...(insert mushy country song here). We so don't have it together like most people our age (I notably think of my sister who has had her ducks in a row since she was born) but we're happy.  sometimes I think we're doing it all wrong and Daniel will be inevitably damaged from our lives and parenting, but then how can it be so wrong when we laugh so much?  I hope in the midst of all the immaturity and laughter we'll manage to teach Daniel that life isn't always a bowl of cherries, and if it hands you lemons, sometimes it squirts it in your eyes just to add insult to injury, when you think it can't get any worse, it does! But you can take it all with a sense of humor, you can remember that love conquers all (did I say that? barf!), most of all, no matter what gets dished out, surround yourself with love and laughter and you can manage to come out on the safe side. I refuse to get scared of what might happen in two years, I want to live today having the most fun possible. This world we live in is what it is, we owe it to ourselves to laugh everyday and make eachother feel good inside.
Chris, my love, you make me feel good inside, I love our family, our lives and all that we are!
happy new year, hope you'll be as happy as we are!

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I suuuuuuure like turtles. efighten