Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January cold

January has been pretty cold! Wind, snow, frost...you name it! Add some fog and pretty sunset colors and it's just gorgeous! Would I be boring if I said how much we love it here???  The year is off to a rough start, Chris' medical leave, Daniel's a teenager, I keep getting sick, Chris' car keeps getting sick, etc...  Good thing everyone around us is having babies!! keeps up moral! And good thing I love my job and have lots of fun! And good thing we love where we live! And good thing I am crazy madly in love with my husband! And good thing we have a great kiddo!


chris said...

Awesome pics, babe. Amptsin.

mark bodah said...

wowowowowowowowowowOWOWOWOWOW!!! thos frost pics are really incredible. good thing you're a good photographer! :)

btw i love the name of this blog! ;) i'm a good percentage Frog too! :D

<3 Mark