Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January cold take 2

Well it's January 31st and it's freezing outside! I have a few more pictures of the cold, but all taken from my living room. My camera doesn't like the cold! So this is more of the same, sorry to be so boring...
We've had a busy month though, this past week end some of my cousins came to ski, the week end before that we had some friends over for some skiing too. Chris has been doing some snowboarding and lots of hiking, but I suppose you know that from all the awesome pictures he's posted on his blog.
Temperatures are supposed to go down to 6°F by the week end, I'm seeing a stay warm at home week end in my future!

we don't mess around with the frost here, it's serious business

frost from my clothes line

I took this today, January 31st, we got a hint of color just as the sun went down...

last sunset of the month

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chris said...

terrific pictures, again. It looks a lot colder than it is. cragsre